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HP Rules!

I just got back from seeing GoF in theaters. Now, to my detailed post.

The books came out and I was like, "what's the deal?" The first movie came out- I LOVED it, so I read the book. I faithfully read each book within the week it debuted (sp?) and reread it again a month before the movie was due out. Opening night, my sister and I went to the movies- today being the most recent.
What can I say? It's absolutely wonderful to leave this world of terrorists and killing sprees to meet up with some fabulously characterized people, whom all can relate to at least one of. The magic- amazing. So original, yet so foreign. It's so easy to understand, and the book plots are detailed and precise. OMFG! Amazing truly amazing.
What else is there? The fact that when I saw Sorceror's Stone, I thought, "Wow, Dan played Harry exactly as I imagined him." The characters are so real, as are their emotions, and that's thanks to amazing casting directors. Is that it?

About how I came about the books... my aunt had bought my sister a copy, since I was younger, she didn't expect me to appreciate it much. But then I borrowed my sister's copy, read it in 5 hours, and was hooked. Truly amazing.

As is GoF.
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